Amplified Phones and Notification Systems

Ameriphone JV-35 .jpg

We are pleased to supply Ameriphone products, made by a leading manufacturer in the USA. These special phones can amplify sound for the hearing impaired, to 25, 30, 40 or even 50 decibels, depending on the need. There are many individual features, such as tone control, large numbers, and quick photo dials. One telephone is designed as an emergency response phone, to give security and confidence to the person living alone and comfort to the family. Another, the JV-35, sounds out the numbers dialed, for those hard-of-seeing.
Ameriphone also produces VCO (Voice Carry Over) phones, where the incoming message is displayed on a small screen.
We offer as well several popular models of cordless phones with amplified sound, such as the CL 40, one of our best-seller.
Other products for the hard-of-hearing include telephone amplifiers to be used with ordinary phones, vibrating alarm clocks, super phone ringers, and personal notification systems. The Easy Recall is a special answering machine with its own amplifier and adjustable speed and tone, to enable the user to hear messages more clearly.
TV amplifiers are covered in the next section.


Dialogue XL 40 .jpg
Téléphone à composition automatique d'urgence
Emergency Response Telephone
Répondeur téléphonique à amplificateur incorporé Easy Recall amplified answering
Clignotant avertisseur de sonnerie téléphonique - Flashing Lamp Signals Ringing Phone
Amplificateur portatif Ameriphone In-Line Amplifier