Hearing Amplifiers for TV and Conversation

Amplificateur personnel
Ameriphone PL40 Personal Listener

We offer two infrared systems for people with hearing problems, for listening to TV, radio, etc. With both these systems, the headsets worn are completely separated from the TV or radio - there is no wire extending from the TV set to the wearer of the headset.
The receiver for the TV Ears is worn under the chin - the unit resembles a doctor’s stethoscope – while the TV Listener is a more conventional headset, but is very lightweight. Both are effective. Please call for details.
The PL40 or Personal Listener, is a communication device, with the hearing impaired person wearing the headset or single earbud connected to a small external amplifier which he can carry in his hand or his pocket. A small microphone is attached, and the other person involved in the conversation speaks into this microphone. The unit can also be used for TV listening, or in business meetings. It can be used as a substitute for a hearing aid.

TV Ears
TV Listener
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