We feature magnifiers for reading, low vision, research, hobbies, electronics, etc. Our magnifiers are made by Eschenbach, Optelec, Bausch & Lomb, Donegan, Optical, Coil and more. Despite the quality of these lenses, it is best to try the lenses if possible.
We shall be happy to welcome you to our retail shop at 5645 Côte des Neiges in Montreal.
Meanwhile, we could send you a trial chart so you could have some idea of the magnification needed. By all means, have your eyes checked by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, especially if you notice a loss of visual acuity. Eye disease can happen without our noticing.

Stand magnifiers
Hands free magnification, lens size varies. Usually give 2X magnification.

Hand magnifiers
From 2.5X to 10X. Phone for help choosing the power you need. Remember that, as a general rule, the stronger the magnifier, the smaller the lens, with a decreased field of view (you can see less of the text at one time). Also, you lose distance, you must be closer to your work with a strong lens.

Illuminated stand magnifiers
Like a hand magnifier, but these rest on the page (focusing distance has already been calculated. Great for people with a tremor, and very convenient for the vision impaired as there is good light where it is needed. Power from 2.8X to 14.7X. Available with incandescent lighting, xenon (halogen) lighting, or LED lighting. Phone for help in choosing.

Other models
Clip-on magnifiers (clip to your eyeglasses)
Visor type (strap goes around the head, lens is positioned in front of the eyes. Can be worn with eyeglasses)
Pendant magnifiers
Around the neck magnifiers
Linen testers
Geological and jewellers loupes
Dome and bar magnifiers
Video magnifiers (described in another section)

Loupes à éclairage interne
Eschenbach Illuminated Stand Magnifiers

Eschenbach LED

Loupes éclairantes Coil illuminated
Extra Puissante Coil Hi Power
Loupes amovibles Eschenbach
Clip-on Magnifiers
Pendentif Bausch & Lomb Overneck