Magnifying Lamps



Ott Lite (lumière du jour)
lampe vendue séparément

Ott Lite (day light) lamp sold separately

Several models of magnifying lamp are available in +3.0 diopter (1 _ times magnification) or +5.0 diopter (2 _ times magnification), including a rectangular lens 7.5“ x 6”, a 6” diameter round lens or 5” diameter round lens. (All use fluorescent bulbs). Also available with +3.0 diopter lens is the “Visual Mate”, a lighted overneck magnifier, or a handheld model, “4 Your Eyes Only” that could be used in the car with an inverter!

We also carry the OTT-Lite, which can be bought with or without the magnifier. The OTT-Lite features full spectrum, true colour bulbs. It is designed to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

The Big Eye Lamp uses incandescent light, has a five inch rimless magnifying lens and is available as a sturdy table model or a floor model. An optional booster lens increases magnification to four times.


Big Eye
Fluorescent 15 cm
Visual Mate