Magnifying Mirrors

We have a good assortment of magnifying mirrors from several manufacturers, giving from 3X to 8X magnification. Remember that the greater the magnification, the closer one must be to the surface of the mirror.

Our 8x is an optically correct folding model that travels easily. Another mirror that folds like a book, giving 5x magnification and made in Germany is an excellent choice. An 8” in diameter, distortion-free, 6x mirror, also made in Germany, is highly regarded as an excellent aid for changing contact lenses and applying make-up.

We have many illuminated models and wall-mounted models.

Modèle mural X5 Hard wired wall mounted
Miroir Pliant de forme carrée X5 Folding book 17cm square
Miroir de Beauté 20cm X6 Vanity mirror 1 side regular
Miroir Pliant X8 Optik folding mirror