Telescopes - Microscopes

Miniature telescopes or monoculars as they are often called, can be of great service to someone who does not see well. They can magnify street signs, addresses, television images, and theatrical plays. Eschenbach has recently produced some extremely lightweight, small and functional scopes. A 6x16 scope in a unique rectangular shape gives a wide field, a bright image, and can be easily focused by means of a sliding bar that can be adjusted with just one hand.

Some lightweight binoculars can be worn as glasses for distant viewing.
We are pleased to offer the VanGuard line of microscopes and accessories. A full line of models ranging as follows is available, in magnifying powers of 10 times to 1000 times.

These microscopes are of excellent quality and very favorably priced.

- Compound : ( schools, industrial, medical labs). Monocular, binocular, trinocular.
2 - Fluorescence: ( educational, medical, veterinary clinics, universities).
3 - Inverted : ( microbiology labs)
4 - Industrial : (inspection of integrated circuits, electronic components, metal, paint, textiles).
5 - Stereo, stereo zoom and stereo zoom, boom stand: ( three dimensional images, halogen or fluorescent)
An excellent, small portable microscope can be achieved by combining a monocular telescope with a clear base unit that magnifies by 4X. Enlargement of 16X to 40X can be achieved, depending on the power of the telescope.

Microscope on Boom Stand
Microscope sur bras tÈlescopique

Compound Zoom Stereo Microscope
Microscope stéréoscopique avec zoom

VeeGee Compound Stereo Microscope
Microscope stéréoscopique
Beecher Mirage 4X telescope
Opera glasses
Jumelles de théâtre Selsi
Monoculaire Walters 8x21 Monocular
Telescope + base = Microscope

Telescope for near viewing
Telescope de vision rapprochée Eschenbach