Video Magnifiers

Video magnifiers (CCTV's) give higher magnification than is possible with a magnifying lens. One can sit comfortably in front of a monitor or TV screen and, with the aid of a powerful lens in a camera, read text up to 45 times larger or even more.

In some units the camera can be held in the hand like the “mouse“ of a computer, and guided across the page. In other units, the camera is mounted on a stand, above a moveable platform that conveys the text back and forth at a speed controlled by the user. The latter units are generally easier to use and the user can perform some tasks under the camera - particularly writing.

Most of these units can be obtained with a colour camera. Almost all have a reverse image capability - black letters on a white background or white letters on a black background.

In some models, the image can be made to appear in a type of "goggles", making the unit truly portable A rechargeable battery provides the power.

We have pictured a few models, please call for further details.

Modèle portable pour vision lointaine et rapprochée Jordy portable model with goggles for near and far vision
Optelec Clearview 300 Series Noir & blanc Black & white
Modèle portable connecté à un écran ou aux lunettes spéciales Max portable model connects to screen or goggles
Pulse Data Smartview